Monday, April 16, 2007

Make Money with Internet Business

By James Little

Mostly at the very beginning stage, many people fail to realize as to how they could make real money by building up their own internet business. Like others, we were wondering around online looking to join the “Next Big Thing” kind of business.
Here, we hope to point out the key areas that one got to take on in order to make real internet money with any online business. Hopefully, it will help to lift your spirits up, and somewhat with a clearer direction to online business success.

1. Affiliate Program Business model
In most cases when first started out into internet, we have no product of our own; so one of the best options to generate money online would be to choose an affiliate program. We could really save lots of time by following an established system; we don’t have to build the whole business process from scratch.
These established companies will handle all the order and payments processing tasks for you. They will further handle the product’s delivery issue on your behalf. You simply concentrate on building up customer base.
When any visitors who make a purchase from your referral link, you are starting to make real money. It gives us a one time commission for every single purchase made by these visitors.
To present richer choice for your visitors, we could use a combinations of various affiliate programs to suit the potential visitors. Ultimately our goal is to create so as to generate more and more money online.

2. Your own Business Website
The very basic for making money online would first require you to have a website. It’s like a basic brick and mortar shop’s front for your business, just that it’s online virtually. It is totally impossible for anyone to buy something from you when they don’t even have anything to browse at.
But not to worry, it is not hard nor that difficult to build your own money making website. There are simply too many click and paste tools available online. There are even ready made website which your simply purchase it and upload it. These are the “Turnkey” website builder. For your own research on this, simply type in “Turnkey Website” on your favorite search engine and you could see tones of results for that.
However, if you truly wanting to avoid building up your very own website, you could also utilize the “Clone” website which some affiliate program would provide. The “clone” website would look almost the same as the original website; the different is that it’s coded with your affiliate ID.

3. Market Research
Way before you start to promote anything online, you would very much want to know what products that your customers are really looking. As a rule of thumb, it’s of no business benefit in having a great product that no one wanted to buy.
How would you know about what your targeted visitors would want to buy? This is where we need to made some research. It’s is more of what we called as “Keyword Research”.
Well, visitor type in their searched term to find and locate what they are looking for, and if you could know the most common and popular searched term your targeted visitors are performing then you would be able to reach them to present what you’ve got to offer.
Once you are able to figure out what is the best searched term or “Keyword” your targeted visitors are looking for, you can then start to make marketing plans and strategy to promote your products.

Well researched keyword is one of the critical factors to your online business marketing campaign. The better the keywords chosen, the higher chance in reaching your targeted customer, and thus the more money you could be making.

Of course, there are also many tools and resources available online in help you to research the best keyword for your business. These keyword analysis tools come handy in helping you to build a powerful traffic generating campaign.

To test it out, you could just start to perform some research at your favorite search engine. If you are targeting at online business, a sample term could be business or online business. Once you start to get some traffic to your website, you could also start to sell advertising space on your site to make extra money. It is a multiple stream income for your internet business.

4. Promote your website
When first starting out, people often tend to try out some traffic generator channels, or multiple website hits. Nevertheless, these tactics might not really work for your own site. The true and basic point is to get highly targeted website traffic.
Here, we are targeting those people who are truly searching for a specific information or product online. So it’s our task to be able to reach them and offer them what we got. And when they do find your website, armed with a well-designed presentation, relevant information available, it could then generate the kind of sale.

After a while when you are able to earn money, you could then take your marketing campaign to next level by utilizing “Paid Advertising”. Like the widely known Adwords, paid advertising with “Pay per Click” channel allow you to target a list of keywords that are highly relevant to your business website. You pay only when interested people visit your website. Of course, you’ll need to pay close attention with your business return on investment.
On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization too can bring you lots of traffic. These traffics from search engines could also give you highly targeted traffic via relevant search terms.
Ultimately, the more targeted traffic you are able to drive to your business website in long run, the more sales you will be getting, and of course the more money you will generate thru your own online business.

As we had explored, these are the key areas one has to do before start making money with their internet business. Truly, making money online and living with it is not that extremely hard or difficult. It just requires consistent effort, planning, continuous learning and improvement.
In the long run, a well thought out and planned business strategy can save you a lot of heartaches which could come later on. With that, you just need to concentrate on marketing and promotion campaign. Your goal is to make more money consistently, and recurring income in long run.

To our success, let’s start our online business journey today!
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