Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sell A WebSite and Retire

By Tim Phelan

Some people are making tons of money selling websites. I am increasingly getting in contact with others who are not just making four, five or six figures, but millions per year. One of these is interested in a web site I have and this time instead of selling it I may just get a partner and then sell it later.

One guy who is interested in becoming partners is currently in the middle of working out a multi million dollar sale of his network of sites.

I see some people ask in forums:

“How much can a site sell for?” or “what is the most that a site has sold for?”

Well, I am not sure what is the highest amount but the largest sale of a web site I have heard of was when Ebay bought Skype a couple years ago for $2.5 billion. YouTube was recently bought by Google for $1.6 Billion. This is a web site that was only about two years old at the time. Ebay also bought paypal a few years ago for something like $1.5 billion. Myspace was sold for just under $1 billion. Well, by “just” I mean a couple hundred million under.

There are many other examples of huge amounts of money made by selling websites. The idea of selling some web sites or just one for over a million may seem hard to imagine for many but with the right idea and hard work it is possible. I certainly hope to do it some day. At my private forum www.buy-alert.com I am going step by step over a plan to increase the value of one of my prized web sites. It may take a year or two but this site has a good chance of becoming worth hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions. However, in the meantime, I plan to keep buying, building and selling websites as a main way of making money online.

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